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0.9.5 - 3 Jan 2008

  • Addition of Image and Random Image module

  • Fixing PHP4's problem with Gallery decoder

    (Strongly recommended: PHP5 w/ GD2 and register-global off)

  • Fixing a small bug in Navigation module

  • Rewrite of some demo documents

  • Huge addition of common file types

0.9.1 - 25 Nov 2007

  • Index pages now have URL ending with / mandatory (e.g. /Decoders Demo/ instead of /Decoders Demo), allowing relative URLs in the pages easier to be made.

  • Gallery decoder now ignores files starting with . (e.g. .DS_Store from Mac OS X)

  • Decoders and Modules made to ignore files with ccms_STH.STH2, where STH are alphabets / underscores and STH2 are alphabets.

  • Bundled Markdown Extra updated to 1.1.7. (No modification was required)

0.9.0 - 22 Aug 2007

  • My first version of CMS

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